Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free Travel

It was that one fateful weekday in January when my aunt and I were talking about travels and great destinations in Asia. They just came back from Indonesia last December and I was asking her what it was like living with a couple of Indonesian family. She was all chatty while I searched for the usual airfare promo from Cebu Pacific and then BAM! There's an actual seat sale going on and I told my aunt about it. Excited and delighted, she told me to book her three sons and our cousin's wife to Singapore. Then I cajoled in telling her that it would be fun for me to join the trip
too wherein she agreed instantly. So she wrote down our names, called her sons and I was able to book our trip to Singapore in no less than 30 minutes. What's more fun is that the trip is for free! So before March will end, I will be seeing you Lion City!

And then a few days after I booked our Singapore trip, I accidentally learned about another seat sale promo of Air Asia from Singapore going to Malaysia, I told this to my aunt and she gave me the go signal so that we can go see Genting Highlands and of course, the ever famous Petronas Towers. Could we get any more luckier? She even paid for our hotel accommodations too!

And then I realized that I have not yet asked my boss the permission of going with this trip. She will probably go mad since I am the one responsible in doing most of our reports. That's why I have to work every Saturday just so I could finish the reports before March 20 and gather enough service credits so that I will not have an absent mark when I go out of the country. This is exciting!


Bubbly Ideas said...

Wow ang saya naman! Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


Rajsh said...

hi there, just happen to dropped by.


re: SG, i'm pretty you will fall inlove with the place. as in! super organize ang lahat and disciplined ang mga peeps... nakaka-inggit na sana ganun din dito sa atin sa pinas. eheheh. wala lang. couldn't help but comment.

hope you don't mind! :)

oh and btw, the statue is merlion not lion. LOL napansin ko lang.

enjoy your trip! God bless!

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