Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When Kids Perform

My class is going to have a talent presentation next week to showcase their skills in performing before a large audience. Aside from the academic studies, it has always been my dream as a teacher to let my pupils perform on stage. I wanted to do something like this since my first year in teaching but it never materialized then because I was just adjusting to the routines inside the school.

However, this year I took a big step in fulfilling this vision. At first I wanted the children to do a stage play but since we are short of time, I decided on doing a variety show instead. Some kids will be reciting a poem while some will do an interpretative dance number, and the others will sing.

As we were practicing this morning, I just know that my pupils will have a great time on stage and I am sure that the parents will be happy seeing their kids show off. The talent presentation will be shown next week so we are actually cramming up with the stage design and of course, the kids’ costumes. I wanted a variety of clothes to see so some kids will be animals while some will be princes and princesses and then the other will dress up as someone they want to be in the future.

I asked the children what they wanted to be when they grow up and of course, of course, majority of them wanted to be a doctor! So I jotted down scrubs for kids and lab coats for doctors as one of the costumes needed to be envisioned in the presentation. It is not hard to look for a doctor uniform anyway so I know I will not have a difficult time in materializing the children’s costumes. I will be busy the whole month of March so wish me luck!

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Sam Finds said...

Oh, I am sure the parents would enjoy the presentation. We live for that kind of shows =)

Visiting you back here.

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