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I have a confession to make. My relatives and I are cheaters. We are. Especially when it comes to food. See, we got two rooms at our hotel both in Singapore and Genting Highlands and there were 10 of us sleeping there, 8 adults and 2 kids. We separated the boys and girls like the usual and since our accommodation provides complimentary buffet breakfast for two, well, it's a shame to tell you that all 10 of us had eaten at the buffet table. Every morning of everyday. But on our defense, the bellboys were the ones who gave us the tip.

See, the buffet restaurant has two entrance doors, one where there's a reception clerk writing down the room numbers of the guests who are eating while the other is the location of the egg counter. The bellboys advised us to enter the door where the egg counter is while the two checks in at the main entrance door. Easy 1-2-3. LOL.
The fruits and yogurt. Yum!

Croissants Unlimited

Ham and Cheese Fix

So practically, when you are given that option, you have to absolutely grab it! Free breakfasts for 10 everyday and that includes unlimited servings of mouth watering scrambled eggs and bacon which I devour everyday. So for me, bacon would suffice although we tried on croissants that melt in your mouth and of course, fresh fruits drowned in yogurt. Not to mention warm milk! Or tea, coffee, apple juice, mango juice, orange juice, milk tea, or just plain water; the choice is yours. The food are divine! Singapore is indeed a food heaven!

So another to-do list in Singapore for me is to eat in a hawker. A hawker is what looks like a karinderya in the Philippines and most hawker stalls are located in open spaces. I read all about it on the internet so I bugged my cousins that we should eat on a hawker stall a least once, to where they all obeyed. We were late at the hawker place so there was nothing left for us to order but the basic soup and some instant dumplings or noodles and mostly what's left over by the
other customers. So I ordered a soup, I just don't remember what it's called and I forgot to take picture of everything because we were all famished. Anyway, it looked like this.

The taste of the soup was inexplicable! It's like full of herbs and there were also humongous beef balls thrown into it that you don't even have to eat noodles or rice in order to be fully satisfied. This meal was only for SGD 2 and it comes with a big bowl of noodles which I didn't eat.

My cousin, on the other hand, had ordered a noodle soup and fried dumplings. The fried dumplings have mashed potatoes and beef stuffed inside, it was also delicious. While the noodle soup has also gigantic beef balls in them.

Well anyway, I loved the food in Singapore but I have the exact opposite opinion on Malaysian food. =( Sorry if you are from Malaysia but my palate repels on too much spices. Really. I liked the Nasi Lemak though and there is one dish almost similar to alamang/bagoong in the Philippines that seemed okay for me. Indian food (which was also served at the hotel where we stayed in) is okay but not all. Anyway, I took some photos of the food that were served during our stay in Malaysia. I may be missing out a tad of the Malaysian culture and I know it's too soon for me to judge so my apologies for generalizing. So here are some interesting food served in Genting.

Aside from the Nasi Lemak, I haven't tried on the Uppuma and Lotus pau. Although my cousin told me that the lotus pau tasted like the Chinese buchi and the Uppuma is like rice cake with bits of vegetables and other ingredients. The Nasi Lemak is like the ordinary steamed rice but with ginger and pandan leaves.

Speaking of rice, I remember the rice in Singapore. Yes, let's go back to Singapore. My cousins bought rice at a diner near our hotel and it tasted like heaven. The water used for cooking the rice was coconut milk and it was put over fresh pandan leaves when it was already cooked. It really was savory.

Anyway, aside from those food served at the hotel, what we all liked best was this.

Haagen Dazs ice cream and chocolate fondue.
My mother treated all of us when we went to Suntec City. In Singapore.

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