Friday, April 8, 2011

The Day I Brought Home The Chick

Meet Thirdy, my kids' newest pet chick. A couple of months ago, the husband of my kids' caregiver gave us a chicken for no reason. My kids love pets and that chicken may be unusual but it was their first pet ever. A few weeks after that, I went to the province with my cousin where I also got another chicken for my kids to take care of. They were so happy to see that their first chicken has a playmate. However, the second chicken died and the first was stolen (yes people steal chicken here) so our hopes of having eggs and more chickens were down.

Yesterday though, I was doing my usual work in school when a co-teacher of mine went to my room and showed me this little chick. I asked her if I could have it and she eagerly gave it to me. Caitlin was hyperactively happy when she saw the newest chick and then Aloy gave it a name which is Thirdy obviously because it's their third chicken to date. We built Thirdy a house and the kids are feeding him laboriously.

So let's see how long Thirdy will be in our backyard. I am praying that he will not be stolen or killed by a stray animal.

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