Friday, April 8, 2011

Investing Bullions

I was at the mall today to grab some groceries for our cupboard supplies and passed by a jewelry shop so I had to go in and take a look at their selection of gold chains, coins, and jewelries. And suddenly, it hit me. What qualifies as a good investment?

A colleague of mine once shared that she bought a gold bracelet to remember her first salary as a teacher some ten years ago and she bought the bracelet for more or less $100. But when she went to the bank recently to have the same bracelet appraised, the person who appraised it informed her that her gold bracelet has now a net worth of $400. That was four times the original price! So if you acquired gold bullion coins in the past and you still have it today, imagine how much it’s worth now.

Investing in IRA gold is a very wise decision because gold IRA investments withstand time, crisis and gains. I can only sum it up to two words: STABLE PROFIT. We are living in a tough world that is filled with crises and downsizing of people in the workplace or investments. One has to be wise when it comes to investing, and gold is one of the best investments there is. So if you’re thinking of a good retirement plan, 401k gold is a good one for you, if not the best.

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