Sunday, April 10, 2011

Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks

The twins are going to school this June and I have been scouting for a good school to send them in and I am praying for wisdom that I will be able to come up with a good decision with regards to that. Aside from scouting for schools, I was also scouting for a good backpack that they can use and luckily for me, I found a page on Facebook that sells cute backpacks for kids. It is called Skip Hop: Zoo Packs. These bags are ideal for kids because the designs are of animals.

I ordered two for my twins and I had let them choose which animal they like. Caillou chose the Bee while Caitlin prefers the Mouse because it's pink! She said that the Mouse is the only bag for girls (because of the color) so she will not settle for any "for handsome only" bags. Of course, that's not true because all bags are unisex, it depends on the taste of your child. The backpacks also has a lunchies insulated bag which is ideal for your child's snack and beverage storage. However, I did not get any more lunchies because I wanted to see the bags in actual before I buy something more.

I also saw the advertisement for Rustan's that they are selling the same bags BUT the price is much higher than the ones that I will be getting. The supplier that I found on Facebook sells one bag for only Php 750.00 and Rustan's sells one for Php 1,400.00 so that's almost twice the price. So if you want to order your child Skip Hop bags, you can contact Ms. Krisette Joy Bayan, her number is +639175243066. She also sells cute busha pants and Nissen leggings from Japan which you might like. I bought 6 pairs for my twins and my co-teacher's newborn baby.

I am writing this not because I am affiliated with any of the above mentioned brands or Ms. Krisette, I think this is me doing my part in sharing information to mommies who may be buying overly expensive stuffs in malls or any other online shops. Happy shopping!

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