Monday, April 11, 2011

DepEd Kindergarten Summer Program

Today is the start of the Kindergarten Summer Preschool program that the Department of Education initiated which aims at ensuring Grade 1 entrants of the upcoming school year are equipped with the learning experiences and skills essential for them to take on their next level of academic work. It targets potential Grade 1 students without preschool experience by June 2011. This is the second year that the DepEd is implementing such program and my second year in teaching summer classes as well.

This year's first day turnout was better than that of last year's because a number of pupils (42 kids) came to school today to attend their first day of class compared to the 5 pupils last year. So it is a progress. I have to commend DepEd for coming up with such a great program centered on preschool because this stage is the most crucial stage for learning.

The summer classes will be conducted in eight weeks (April 11 - June 3) and we teachers have been given modules of what routines to conduct starting from day 1. This program is promising and I hope we will be realizing a recognizable progress soon.

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