Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutting Papers

I am so busy since Monday because our school will be visited by some of the regional office administrators to conduct observation in our classes. Nobody knows where they are going to observe or as to who they are going to scrutinize so we are all preparing our rooms for the big day.

As a start, I bought some plastic wares as containers for our crayons, papers and other school materials. I also decided to change some of my classroom decorations to add a new look in my classroom. I have always been dependent on the computer since it's the easiest way to do those letter cuttings. What I do is I pick a font that I like, type the wordings that I think is needed in my classroom, print them out, and then transfer them into a cardstock by tracing the letters or words. Sometimes though, when I am not in the mood to trace, I print the wordings directly into the cardstock paper as it minimizes the work time but it only applies to those that are lighter in color (I love black cardstocks).

In order to preserve the printed materials in the card stock, what I do is laminate them for longevity's sake because laminating preserves the colors and helps the paper become durable to dust and water. I bought my own laminating machine last month and I have to say that it is very very helpful for teachers like me.

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