Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Planning Trips

After much careful thought and constantly urging myself to type, I finally decided to blog today. Not that it's really needed, but yeah, I kind of miss blogging.

Work is taking its toll on me. There hasn't been a week without me losing my voice and there hasn't been a month where I don't get sick. But what the heck, I still feel blessed to be stressed.

We are implementing a new curriculum and the activities are very stressful for the part of the teachers. However, when you see the fruits of your labor, every hardship will go down the drain. This year (and in the coming years) we will be focusing on letting the kids express themselves in writing and drawing. What I have noticed in this new curriculum is that the children learn better when they write on the floor rather than writing on the table. I have also noticed that the retention of the day's lesson is intact for a long period of time. So basically, the new curriculum is good. But tiring.

Anyway, I have also been blessed by a number of out of town trips where some are sponsored from the government or my friends. But of course, the government sponsored trips are always work related but I get to travel (which I really love) and be with my lonesome self (which I also really love) for a day or two. Aside from that, I have a supposed trip which will transpire two weeks from now but the trip is not yet confirmed so I cannot divulge the details yet. I am still praying for this trip to push through because it's going to be a huge trip and I cannot wait to scream. LOL.

Lastly, I will be "touring" Mindanao in August. I will be attending my good friends' wedding in Surigao City. I have had second thoughts of going to the wedding because of the stress I will be getting from traveling but my witty friend included my daughter in her entourage so that I will have no choice but to go. Surigao is far from where I am at and unfortunately there is no flight from here to there. So it's going to be a roadtrip! I am going to "circle" some key cities in Mindanao starting off to Davao City- Surigao- Butuan- Bukidnon- Cagayan de Oro- Iligan- Marawi and then finally, home. I just hope my daughter will be able to cope up with this craze I'm planning. I have already expressed my desire to travel with my boss and because I am a good employee, she granted my "leave" with pay. Bwahahaha!

So let the ball rolling!

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