Friday, February 3, 2012

Music to My Ears

Do you know Susan Salindor? She's a teacher/musician/singer who sang the beautiful song entitled I've Got Peace in My Fingers.

I was browsing on new songs to teach my pupils for our Moving Up Day and I chanced up on this very beautiful song of Susan Salindor. It's refreshing, catchy and gives a very nice message. I like it very much and made it my mobile ringtone. When I made my pupils listen to it, they easily memorized the lyrics and its tune. It was a hit! We're practicing singing the song everyday and when everything's all polished, I will upload their video for Ms. Salindor to see since I know she loves seeing and listening to kids singing her songs.

I've been using a mini music box whenever we practice singing or dancing in the classroom and I have been listening to music using a hard drive. I am very dependent on my flash drive that I got almost crazy when the song wouldn't play on our music box. Thank God I found a ringtone maker online so I was able to transfer Susan Salindor's song to my phone and practiced with my pupils using my phone and a portable speaker. Cellular phones are indeed smart and handy!

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