Thursday, May 3, 2012


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Some 5-6 years ago, somebody who works at a hospital said some things about me to people who don't even know me. She told them my full name and the school where I belong to.  I know her, I see her in parties but we're not close.

I do not know what her agenda was but she maligned me. Maybe I was just lucky to be friends with one of  her colleagues who reported the said incident to me.  It was almost 6 years ago, but the pain is still there because I was never able to retaliate.

I can say a lot of things now that the table has been turned on my favor. But I won't.

This post goes to show that karma is still there. And to never ever judge a person and blabber your mouth about your negative opinions to others because I definitely want to see you cringe when you'll follow the same fate.

Let me now sit and enjoy the view.

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