Friday, May 25, 2007

Jigsaw Puzzle Help

I received this from a friend and since I can't give her financial help, I'm going to post her letter here in case any of my readers would like to help her.

Hello there,

I am Gemberly Tan, a jigsaw puzzle addict. I plan to assemble the largest jigsaw puzzle available in the market but it is expensive. I got only one lifetime and I would want to try my hands on this puzzle. This will be a monumental achievement if it is done.

It is a 24,000 pieces puzzle called Life and measures 14 feet x 5 feet.

I would like to appeal to your kind heart if you are willing to help me make my dream come true by contributing financially (sponsor). Any amount will do because I believe if many people will help, a peso will turn into hundreds, hundreds into thousands.

In return, I will post on several websites your name and when the puzzle is finished and framed, your name will be put at the back of the glass frame. I will also be contacting you so that I can send a picture of the puzzle with me included.

Total amount needed is around P50,000. I challenge you to be the first to begin with me.

You can deposit the payment at Banco De Oro, Western Union or send it through G-cash, wire transfer, money order, postal mail.

Banco De Oro savings account:

Name: Gemberly Tan
Account # 120013673


Cell # 0917-7961981

After that, please inform me that you have deposited it already and please include your name so that I can check and post it.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this. God Bless You!

You can also email me at

I welcome pledges from all over the world


May said...

She a friend of yours Mars? Ganda sana if she has a picture of this puzzle, ano?

janneth said...

sana nga may pic ng puzzle. :)

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