Monday, June 4, 2007

Aloy the picture fool

Aloy and I had a bonding session yesterday at Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, it is a replica of Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in France and the compound is equipped with ideal retreat house for recollection and seminars, a mini zoo and a children's park. It was his first time to go there and see the animals so he made sure that I brought along the camera (READ: Mama, i charge mo na yung battery ng picture). I will narrate our whole day activity thru pictures...

We went to the OMI Cemetery after the mass.

Then I toured him around the Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine. Can you see Aloy? He was scared of the shrine thinking it might clobber him. But he stood behind me when I prayed.

He was fascinated with this mural and asked me to take his picture. I don't know with the hand sign.

He liked this "bridge" thing. Again, he asked me to take his picture while fidgeting and screaming that he might fall. The people were laughing at him, he's so noisy.

Power Ranger at the picnic grove. The grotto staff are encouraging families to have their picnics there. And we've seen more than ten families yesterday. Sweet.

At Small World's observation deck. Again, what's with the hand sign. Korean invasion ba ito sa anak ko?

Of all the animals, he liked the ostrich the best because he saw them dance. He also called the monkey KUYA. Hahaha!

I never wanted him to take a swim but he was very dirty so pinayagan ko na. On the contrary, di ko daw siya papayagan mag swim eh bakit may dala akong swimming trunks? Hahaha!

I got mad at him because after his swim, he went back to the super slide so super dumi na naman siya. Pero hinayaan ko na lang. It's his day.

This was his last picture at Small World. He was already tired so he ate junk foods before left. Three years ago, I was sitting in this swing with his dad, I was still 8 months pregnant at that time. Now, I'm with Aloy na. Kids grow fast. *sniff*

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May said...

Mars, initially sasabihin ko na baka peace sign yung hand signal but when you blurted our "Korean invasion", I just had to laugh. Malamang dun nya yun ginaya, hehe. Great bonding session. :)

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