Tuesday, June 5, 2007

the ukay report

Random thought: I'm glad that pexmoms have a new blog topic for this month. I find it ironic though that we didn't have a topic last May and it's supposed to be the month for Mothers.

Anyway, I've always wanted to post my ukay finds but I never got the chance to do so because I'm too lazy taking pics of my stuffs. But this morning, for the first time, I wasn't lazy so I took pictures.

Here they are:

I got this polo for Aloy for only Php5

I got these at 3 for Php50. I gave one to my friend.

These bags are only Php20 each.

Another Php5 loot.

Cutey for only Php20

A 30 peso bag.

So there's my loot. I was over the budget but my finds are great so there's no room for regrets.


May said...

Who doesn't go over budget when it comes to shopping anyway, ukay or not? Great finds!

ana banana said...

wow super mura naman nian!! sa mga ukay ukay dito 20 na pinakamura...may isang beses pa tinanong ko ung ate tindera kung magkano yung pants 700 daw...gusto kong himatayin bigla sa harap niya e hahaha

MarSian Empire said...

may korek! as long as the piece is worthy enough, i dont mind going over the budget.

ana meron akong nakuha before tig 3pesos lang. pati 5pesos nga tinatawaran pa namin, ganun kami ka hustler. hehe. yang mga over 100 na ukay dinededma namin.

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