Friday, June 1, 2007

back to my habit

It's Friday today and yes, I'm back to my old habit which is UKAY UKAY. Since last year, I associated Friday as an official ukay ukay day. As usual, I will be with my friend Joan and we will ransack all the ukay places here in Cotabato. I haven't been to the ukay since November of last year so I'm now back with a vengeance. My usual budget for ukay is only a whooping hundred peso bill and with that I can return home with 5 blouses, 5 baby clothes and some other knick knacks if my charm will prevail. Today, I only have 150 pesos in my pocket, 100 for ukay and 50 for merienda. I don't know how do it, basta umuuwi na lang ako na maraming dala and my mom is very much inggit with my loot. I consider it as an additional skill.

Happy weekend everyone!

End notes: I will take Aloy to the grotto on Sunday so that we will have a bonding session of our own. He's so excited to see the animals, he keeps on bragging about it to my dad.


May said...

Good luck with ukay finds, Mars! Agree, it's an acquired skill. I am not quite the ukay queen yet, I still have to polish my haggling skills and of course develop the eye for great stuff. My ukay experience has taught me that the really great stuff are the ones you usually don't notice right away and they are dirt cheap, too. So whenever I go ukay shopping (Fridays din!), I do it with one of my friends... now her, she's the ukay queen! Grabe, she found me these white Ralph Lauren onesies for Isaac to use when he was still so little. Ralph Lauren, in pristine white! And my gawd, they were only P20. Wow.

ami said...

mama ko galing mag-ukay. ako wala talaga pasensya, kahit yung sa mga sale, basta yung clothes di nakafold at parong-patong, kapoy. skill nga talga yung pag-uukay.

congrats pala sa babies mo (^_^) kumusta mo alang ako sa Kutabs.

MarSian Empire said...

May I bet I can get that RL onesies for 5 pesos only. Haha. Wait til I post my ukay finds. ;) I was over the budget though, I spent 150 pesos last Friday.

ami magaganda kasi ang ukay sa megamarket. lalo na yung sa may kalsada, sarap makipagsiksikan. :)

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