Thursday, May 31, 2007

another leaf opens

Today is a sad day for us because Aloy's yaya is leaving for good. Marjorie, or Ate Jo as Aloy calls her, will be continuing her college degree so she has to stop working as a nanny. She's been with us for 11 months, she has never hurted Aloy and even taught him how to count. She did not know how to cook when she joined our family but now, she can cook like a pro. She's sensitive (she cries when we tease her about her boyfriend) and always on a diet. She's a big loss to all of us. We wish that all her dreams will come true.

Ate Jo is in the middle carrying Caillou. Picture taken a day after the twin's baptismal. Jo requested to have their picture taken before she will leave us. Till we meet again. :)


chateau said...

I also have an Ate Jo, and she left us na rin nung March. She was with us for almost 5 years. It is really a big loss for us when valuable people such as reliable yayas leave. Hay.
Good luck sa paghahanap mo ng repalcement. Ako after 2 months ng papalit-palit, finally meron nang kapalit na okay.

feng said...

naku umalis na pala si AteJo. hindi kaya eto yung househelp ni Chats? heheh joke. i just want to make you smile.

was AteJo na kinukwento mong mahilig umuwi para umattend ng bday party tapos babalik after one month?

hay. sana makahanap ka na agad ng kapalit.

MarSian Empire said...

chats & feng: apparently, ate jo said that she's not sure kung papaaralin siya ng father niya but she has already taken a scholarship exam. sana pumasa siya. as for the replacement, she promised us that she will look for one worthy replacement. :)

and yes, feng, she's the one na one month kung mag attend ng bday party. hehe. she cried buckets when she left yesterday.she kept on texting me lastnight, kunukumusta ang alaga niya. :)

feng said...

then AteJo must have really loved your kids considering she's texting you constantly asking how her alagas are doing.

tsk, nakakahinayang. i hope she'll keep by her promise to get a worthy replacement, one which would also shower love to your angels. :)

May said...

It's nice naman that Ate Jo still has the determination to finish her studies. My philosophy with our help... I won't stop them from seeking greener pastures or better opportunities when the time comes. Syempre they also have their dreams. Pero we will wish them so much pag nagkataon. Tulad ng yaya ni Isaac. She's been looking after him since Day 1, and we are very attached to her, she's like family to us. Kung sakaling mag decide syang umalis, haaay sobrang kaka miss siguro. Sana hindi naman, pero kung para naman sa ikabubuti nila, sino ba naman tayo para pigilan sila, di ba?

I'm sure mami miss ni Ate Jo si Aloy at ang kambal. Hope wshe visit often. :)

Chateau said...

Feng! LOL oo nga eh, what a coincidence... That's why I was looking long and hard at the pic posted by Mars.. Whew, hindi naman yung ate Jo ko yan haha

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