Monday, July 16, 2007

some goody news

We will be having our first trinal exams on Wednesday and I have no idea how we will have the exams because we still have irregular classes upto now. Our assessment form was a mess, some subjects that we enrolled weren't inluded in the form so we had to go back to the registrar, then the business office, and then to our respective colleges and back again to the registrar's office. The school is implementing the new information system daw, kaya pala hi-tech na ang lahat. Hehe. Anyhoo, it turned out that I won't be paying 10k for the subject that we have asked them to open this semester and that's because the prof didn't charge us for the subject, we will only pay the regular load instead. When I asked our prof why he didn't charge us, he just said, "I'm also a parent." Thanks a lot! Now I don't have to ask for solicitations but I will still continue with my job. I'm also doing term papers for lazy college studes and the pay's VERY good. Haha!

(quick note)
Someone brought her kid here in the cafe and the kid's having a terrible tantrum. He's been shouting for like almost an hour and the mother should have gone home to avoid further shame right? But she didn't. And the kid's keep on wailing and screaming, and it's soooo iritating!


May said...

Wow, buti naman di mo na problem ang 10K.

Christianne said...

OK ang racket mo ah, term papers for lazy students :D

The mom should have brought home the screaming kid na, or at least brought him outside and tried to distract him. Obviously the kid's not happy.

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