Saturday, July 14, 2007

bullet thoughts

I'm going to post in bullets because I can't formulate sentences right now.

  • The other Friday (June 30), the twins' yaya, Ate Sheryl, left us without a clue. She just left. Period. When we returned home that afternoon, she's nowhere to be found. Two weeks before that (June 20), Ate Jo went back to work for us again because she wasn't able to pass their mayor's scholarship grant, which was sad. So anyway, my mom and I was furious at Sheryl because it was only yesterday when Jo squealed her extra-curricular activities whenever we're not at home. Apparently, she goes out to meet with her boyfriend every 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at times, she invites her cousins to go to our house para tumambay. Jo also told us that Sheryl also uses the twins' cologne and powder even if she's not going out. Jo also squealed that Sheryl uses her make-up and lipstick everyday even if she's only at home. We asked Jo why she didn't tell us this before and she only said, "Matakot man ako 'te, baka magalit siya sa akin." A picture of Sheryl and Jo is found here.

  • We now have a new househelp. Her name is Sheila and she's Ate Jo's cousin. Aside from her height (which is only 4'8", I think), she's a good caregiver to the twins. Her mother died last April and to forget about her misery in life, she applied for work. I told them that after I graduate, one of them can continue with her studies next year. Below is a picture of Sheila and Caillou.

  • Aloy's such a bully these past weeks. If he's mad, he'll punch you. If he's delighted, he'll still punch you. He wants the attention solely on him. He's a good kuya to the twins though, he plays with them all the time but he's a bit biased with Caitlin. He only likes to sleep beside Caitlin and not with Caillou. His reason, Caillou always pulls his hair in the morning. But Caitlin does the same and he won't get mad, he'll even kiss his little sister good morning. Maybe he thinks of Caillou as a competition. Oh well, this I have to deal in the coming days.

  • Caitlin can now go up the stairs. Fortunately we only have a two-step stairs that lead to our bedrooms. While Caillou can go up the sofa by making the pillows as stairs. *lol* They both have teeth.

  • Leonard's new girlfriend added me as a friend in Friendster. I don't know why but I added her still. I don't get it with Leonard, he can't live without women! He's such a sissy. This new girl is his 3rd girlfriend since our split. Apparently, he and his wife broke up/separated last November. The wife went to UAE to work and there she found a new man. *pfftt* People. *tsk tsk*

  • Aloy's funny moment this week:

    Me: Aloy, gusto mo ba mamatay si Mama?
    Aloy: Hindi, si Ninong lang.
    Me: Ha?! Bakit?
    Aloy: Para hindi na siya maglakad. Para hindi na sya magpunta sa guprend (girlfriend) niya. Ay hindi na lang! Itali na lang natin ang paa ni Ninong para di na siya magpunta sa guprend nya! *hehe nagseselos ata*

    ami said...

    ang cute naman :) "guprend"

    May said...

    LOL, intriga ako masyado sa Sheryl na yan ha. Pag sa akin yan namasukan, naku ewan. Nakakairita ang makipagkita sa boyfren o mag entertain ng ibang tao sa bahay mo na dapat nagbabantay sya sa mga anak mo huh! Hope Sheila turns out to be better.

    Awww poor Bully Aloy. Papansin ata. But it's so cute how he 'babies' Caitlin.

    Kudos to the twins' new tooth spurts and their extra curricular stair discoveries.

    And LOL ulit... mas intriga ako kay Leonard ha! Grabe naman twists and turns ng life nya. Hayayay!

    mArS said...

    May: Pumunta raw si Sheryl kahapon sa bahay sabi ni Jo, umuutang daw ng pera pero di pinautang. Haha. Sabi ko kay Jo, wag nang papasukin ulit si Sheryl sa bahay. ^_^

    Ayan na, meron nang post kay Leonard. LOL

    Christianne said...

    May soft spot talaga si Kuya for his baby sister, ang cute!

    feng said...

    hay, these Yayas talaga...tsk, tsk, tsk. good thing you found a new replacement, sana naman Ok si Sheila.

    nakakatuwa si Aloy, parang matanda kung magsalita. :)

    May said...

    mars, ay yahoo LOL. Parang pinagbigyan ano? Sige, basa ako tungkol kay Leonard LOL

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