Wednesday, September 12, 2007

mano po ninang

I went to the school where I'm tasked to observe the learner's development and the teacher's strategies and when I was about to leave the campus, a boy went up to me, held my hand and did the "mano po ninang" gesture. I smiled at him and said hi..... without knowing who he is. Gawd, I'm so mean! I can't remember my own godchild!

I had my first Ninang invasion when I was in fifth grade and from then on, I became a candidate for every baptismal of the children of my cousins, friends, neighbors, my mom's officemates, to people I'm not really closely related to. I told myself a few months back that I should keep a list of all my godchildren so that I'll know whose child I am responsible for when something happens to their parents (wag naman sana).

So anyhoo, I will really start on making that list this month. It's really a shame to not remember the children entrusted to me by their parents - considering that the kids know me pa naman talaga. Nakakahiya. But I really melted with the boy's gesture. Aba iilan na lang ata yung hindi nahihiyang lumapit para magmano lalo na pag adolescent na. Talking about this now makes me feel old. LOL.

I watched the verdict for former Pres. Estrada this morning and I promised myself to write something about it here. But then, I felt that the incident in school is much more important. And less intriguing. LOL, playing safe ang lola nyo.

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_davenport_ said...

hmmmnnn..galante ka siguro...

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