Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a mother's job is never done

Ate Jo went home last week because her grandmother died so I was absent from class for a week because I have to take care of the kids. She texted me this morning and told me that she'll come back tomorrow. I told my mom to fire her because whenever she goes home, she comes back at least a week after. And she goes home almost every month! My mom told me to give her one last chance, if she ask permission to go home next month, we will tell her not to come back anymore. She's becoming more of a burden than a househelp. Although the family loves her (especially Aloy), I think we should not give her considerations this time because she's abusing our kindness. Even if she's absent for a week, her salary's intact and my mom gives her extra money whenever she goes home. Her act is really frustrating, I have to finish my thesis and report by next week and I can't do them because she's not around to look after the kids. The twins are sick for three days now but they're under medication. These past three days, I realized that no matter how frustrating my life becomes, my kids will always be my frist priority. I realized that school and work are not important than the welfare of my children. Of course, may tataas ang kilay at sasabihing : "Ngayon mo lang na realize yan?" Haha. Sometimes, we take for granted the things that we see everyday. Last week, I was always complaining that I'm tired of being a mom and a katulong to my family. But last night, I came to realize that caring for my family is more of a commitment than a responsibilty. Nobody forced me to cook and clean the house anyway. LOL.

So I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. I wasn't able to sleep well because I was monitoring the twins' temperatures.... but I'm happy.

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janneth said...

talagang mahirap mag alaga ng may sakit na baby. ako nga palaging puyat at hindi ko na rin natatapos ang projects ko, pero iba pa rin talaga kapag si baby na.. hindi pwedeng pabayaan. kaya natin give up lahat para lang maalagaan sila.

sana gumaling na mga inaanak ko.


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