Friday, November 16, 2007

jobless. loathing. worrying. etc.

  1. I am now jobless. I had to resign from my tutorial job because I have my internship this sem. I am jobless. I should kiss away my capricious wants for at least 6 months.
  2. I hate DOMs. I visited a friend's house the other day and a very untoward incident happened to me that I have to ask a friend to fetch me from there. A DOM was smitten by the friend who fetched me and the he keeps on calling me and asking me to hook them up. For chrissake I said NO. He showed me a bagful of money that he can give me and my friend and that's where I freaked out and told him: "Kahit ilang milyon pa ang ibigay mo, hinding-hindi papatol sayo ang kaibigan ko dahil mas mayaman pa sya sayo." The DOM stopped calling me after that. Thank God.
  3. I was elected president of our internship group the other day too. 'Course I felt elated but I didn't know that I have a lot of responsibilities with my groupmates. One, I will always be their spokesperson. Two, I will assist them with their lesson planning. Three, I will be the one to text all 30+ of them when needed (e.g. announcements). Fourth, I will have to make a speech during our Sending Off ceremony to present our group. The gravity of my third responsibility is not that heavy but if you know me, I always have no load. And I'm BEST IN KATAMARAN when it comes to texting. So goodluck to me. LOL.
  4. I miss my kids. I leave the house at 6:30am so that I won't be late for my 7am class and I go home at 8pm because I still have to attend my tutorial class at night. Argh.
  5. I really hate that DOM.

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