Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Primary Complex

Caitlin was diagnosed to have primary complex. Ugh. Her doctor's not that sure yet but I'm anticipating the worst diagnosis. She's still under some tests to find out if PC is positive in her.

I got back to school today and I am touched when my teachers and pupils asked how my daughter is doing. Caitlin is being maldita everyday. She likes to run around the hospital, with her yaya following her because she still has her IV. Ang kulit kulit. People call her maldita and she's getting notorious na. Great. Just great. But at least she doesn't pester everybody at night because she sleeps like a log.

I hope we get discharged soon or else we cannot pay the hospital bills.


Willa said...

what the heck in the world is Primary Complex? but I just wanna give my wish well to your li'l angel. :)

Suzanne said...

Good thing she's still hyperactive. You'll be worried kapag naging matamlay yan. :)

davenport said...

my nephew got one too.. it is a form of tuberculosis in children.

medyo mahal ang gamot.

davenport said...

it is not nakakahawa type.. take note.

its prevalent sa mga bata.

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