Wednesday, February 20, 2008

pakisabi lang

Bottom line, I do not deny that I have kids from different men.

Bottom line, I do not hide my kids.

Bottom line, I am proud of myself for standing up once again after a very bad fall.

So keep your mouth shut and don't think that what you're spreading around will not reach me.
Keep your mouth shut if you don't want me to say something about your daughter.
If you think that I am a dirty woman, ano na lang ang anak mo?
I've tried to understand you all this time, but now I've had enough.
You're saying that I am my mother's karma?
Ang karma, una-unahan lang yan.

At least when I got pregnant I know who the father is. Your daughter's lucky she has a problem with her reproductive system.
Auntie pa man din ang tawag ko sayo.

(Pakisabi lang)


Willa said...

some people are just like that, you just LOVE to HATE them!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Psst. Who's this Auntie? :D Chismosa 'no?

Hmp. Let them be. What goes around, comes around. Hmp.

skijerze said...

Mars... ignore mo lang sila . . . inggit lang sila sa iyo.... maganda na matalino pa ... ano say nila!

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