Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Bra Theft

I'm lacking words for a catchy title today but here goes my story.

We have two helpers at home, one is Mylene and the other is Yeng. Mylene entered our home last March while Yeng joined our family only a month after Mylene. They're cousins so they get along very well. However, Mylene has an attitude. Say, for example, we give her a bar of chocolate, she will eat the chocolate without even offering to Yeng. She's always like that and my mother always talk to her regarding her selfishness. I usually give my old clothes to our helpers and both Mylene and Yeng are not an exception. When I brought out a carton of my old clothes last summer, I told Mylene to look for some clothes that will fit her and Yeng. What happened then was Mylene gave her own old clothes to her cousin and took all my clothes (in the carton) for herself. When my mom learned about this, she got miffed and scolded Mylene for being so selfish.

So anyway, two weeks ago, my mom noticed that our bras are getting few so she asked both Mylene and Yeng about it. The two girls told my mom that they'll look for our other bras. Last Saturday, however, when Mylene was folding the laundry, my mom told me to help her so I did. It was then that I noticed a familiar looking bra, my dream bra, and it has stitches! I then asked Mylene if the bra was mine, even if I was sure that it is mine, and unsurprisingly, Mylene said that she bought the bra herself. I then took a second look and told Mylene not to fool me because I saved my allowances fpr that piece. She still denied that it's my bra so I called my mother for salvation (LOL). When my mom started yanking at her, that's when the rest of our missing bras came out, and unfortunately, most of them already have stitches or slashes. Our ambitious Mylene had sewn our bras so that they will fit her and slashed some parts of them and took out the underwires. The nerve of that girl!

I'm furious with the fact that our family treated her warmly but she still did this to us. We give her everything she needs and even take her when we eat outside. I just can't imagine that she will do something like this- losing our trust in her. I want to kick her out of our house but we don't have a replacement yet. The matter of losing trust in someone makes me look at Mylene indifferently.


Daiz said...

Haha, of all the things she can steal bra pa talaga. :p Hirap pa naman maghanap ng yaya these days.

Jenny said...

Thanks for dropping by my site. Lets link up!
Naku Mars, hirap ng ganyan. If she stole clothing, baka meron pang mga ibang d nyo alam na nakuha nya. My advice is to replace her as soon as possible. But don't tell her beforehand. Kahit walang maid, you'll have peace of mind naman na your stuff is safe.

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