Thursday, August 14, 2008

Classroom Fight

This is my 200th post.

I feel terrible today. This morning was a disaster.

It's our school's first periodical examination today and when I was proctoring my class, a girl cried and shouted at the top of her lungs. She threw the worst tantrum I have ever seen in my life. She was shouting, "Ayoko na! Ayaw ko na mag exam!" and "Sumbungin kita sa Mommy ko! Di ko alam kung ano ang sagot dito!"

As a teacher, I know that every child is unique and has different characteristics. However, this morning, I was at my wits end. The rest of my pupils were distracted by the screams and wails of that kid. God knows how I really really really want to punch her and throw her outside the classroom. I kind of shouted at her and told her that her actuations are not acceptable inside my classroom but it got me to no avail. She only screamed louder which made me feel very frustrated. Instead of attending to that pupil's tantrums, I tried very hard to keep my cool and said a little prayer:
God please grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change.
I think I was about to cry with my frustration to make that kid behave properly. So when everyone finished their exam, I asked that pupil not to go home for a serious talk and that made her scream, jump, shout and even curse at me. Everything's so physically draining. Not knowing what to do next, I hugged the girl and wiped her tears. Somehow, the mother instinct in me succeeded in dealing with the ordeal. My pupil stopped her tantrums right there and then, and I felt my tears streaming down my face, with guilt perhaps because I shouted at her. The girl eventually answered her examination papers, smiled and said goodbye at me when she finished.

I didn't mean to be overly mellow dramatic today but this incident somehow made me feel humane. I realized that I could control my anger and that the power of a 14 word prayer is very effective. I still feel drained at this moment but I also feel good about myself.


chinesepomelo said...

*aww... natouch ako promise...kaiyak...=)

undeniably, God is always present in times of need..

Gavin said...

you are beautiful.

Hua Cing Hui-(mohd) said...

though i dont know you personally, i saw your good heart. you showed marvelous patience and astonishing professionalism. If was on your shoes, i should've threw the kid outside, spank her and never let her report again in the class!!!! but instead you showed understanding and even pity her. i guess ill never be a good teacher. Mars, your country needs professionals like you. Your the solution to every problem your country have. Pls. dont leave your country. Hope lies in your hands.. the beauty of your heart reflect on how you look.. your so beautiful.. hope we can meet soon.. you always inspire me..

Suzanne said...

Hasus. Napaka-profound naman ng comment ni G!Hehehe!

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