Friday, August 8, 2008

I Knew It!

Back in Iligan, my roommates and I were talking about what we want to be in the future and I always say that I want to be a mother. Not just a mother; but a plain housewife. I don't know why I really like to stay at home but I guess I want to serve my family 24/7.  Now that's not going to happen because I have to work as a single parent. Haha.

You Should Be a Social Worker

You are deeply caring and empathetic.

You are able to take on other people's problems as if they were your own.

Sensitive and intuitive, you understand human emotions well.

Helping others gives you the most joy in life. You feel like it's your purpose in life.

You do best when you:

- Have a lot of responsibility

- Greatly impact someone's life with your work

You would also be a good philanthropist or stay at home parent.

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