Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sleepless in my Room

Caillou's fever went up to 41 degrees Celsius last night and even though he wasn't cranky, I had to wake up from time to time to check up on him - which explains why I was late for school this morning. The twins' yaya woke me up at 7am so I rushed with my morning rituals just to be in school as early as I can (even though I'm already late), good thing I had brought the papers my boss asked me to print. I feel a bit under the weather today because I didn't get enough sleep so when I went home from class this morning, I catched up some zzzzzzs and was late AGAIN for my afternoon class. LOL. I still feel sleepy and downhearted.

Anyhoo, my co-teachers was in the office when I gave the papers my boss asked me to encode and print. When I was about to leave the room my co-teachers came up to me one by one and asked me if I could do the same for them. How can I say no? I just couldn't. They asked me how much I charge for a single page and I can't give them a price. I just said that I don't charge for that -much to their joy (and my disgust? LOL). So okay, I am normally "business minded" but I don't know what I ate this morning that made me charitable. Haha! Probably because of my lack of sleep? That's a possibility.

So now I am stuck making the reports of my co-teachers, free of charge. Well, that's all I can do to refrain them from talking behind my back. Uh-oh.

Have a happy mid-week everyone, and a happy sleep tonight as well.


Bubbly Ideas said...

sana gumaling na agad si Cal. Mahirap talaga kapag may sakit ang baby hindi tayo makatulog.

Thess said...

hay girl, minsan talaga, it's hard to say 'no' kapag nice ka pero minsan indi na fair.

I pray your baby gets better soon kasi wawa naman si mommy..


chinesepomelo said...

MANINGIL KA NAMAN!!!! ahahahaha...pang sorelle din yun! avava! ahaha... wag pa-abuso neng ha...labyu!

chinesepomelo said...

paaman: sana kulangin ulit tulog mo para may malilibre ulit sa serbisyo mo.... =P

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