Thursday, December 4, 2008

10 Great Things (People) Part I

As 2008 slowly bids goodbye, I am going to post the 10 Great Things (People) that came my way this year. 2008 is a good year for me because I finally graduated from college and was employed right away. So to start off the list, I am writing down my top 10 Yummy Guys who, in one way or another, made me drool and gave me day to day inspiration to look and feel beautiful.


10. Dennis Trillo - I only became a fan when I was pregnant with the twins that I look at his pictures online almost everyday. I'll never forget those days so he's on my list.

9. Mark Anthony Fernandez - I am glad that this guy made a vengeful comeback in local biz because he's a good actor and an eye candy to boot! I started to like him in his Impostora days.

8. Richard Gutierrez - Whenever I see this guy on tv or big screen, I'd always say: tarantadong lalaki ito ang gwapo. And well, acting wise, I don't find him good. Just pure eye candy but I'm not complaining.

7. David Archuleta - I am an Idol fan and I like this boy. He's not really my type but he looks dapper nevertheless. And honestly, whenever I hear Chris Brown's "With You", I don't know why I always think that Archuleta was the original singer of the song. Haha. His version during their Idol days was not even good but I like his version of Lennon's Imagine, SUPERB!

6. Jesse Spencer - I love House and Dr. Chase too. I so love his accent, eyes and hair. And that's it. Oh I hate Jennifer Morrison. LOL.

5. David Cook - He serenades me in the mornings and sings to me when I'm down. His soothing voice makes me cry and his looks makes me smile. I love!

4. James Denton - I'm a hopeless romantic and roots for Susan and Mike in Desperate Housewives. I love him only because of his role in the tv series and I will continue to love him as long as DH airs. Ha!

3. JC De Vera - I am such a big fan of this local actor and I would always find myself texting my friends how I like this guy especially during the Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita days. He looks so manly and acts great too. And oh, he's straight.

2. Jude Law - I've watched The Holiday more than 20 times because of him. I saved 32 photos of this dashing gentleman because I love his green eyes. He's really yummy! LOL. And his accent's cute too. Loveya Jude! Hahaha!

1. Gavin M. - This person for real now and not a celebrity so I'm not going to post a picture. He's my online buddy from the land of the kilts. When we first met (virtually that is) I told him that he's a dead ringer for Jude Law so that explains whi I'm hooked on him. As time goes by, I don't see Jude Law in him anymore but a crazy dancing robot with a crooked teeth. Needless to say, he makes me happy and we complement each other. I've had online buddies who, after a month of not chatting, will forget some details about me but this guy's different so he's for keeps. And yeah, did I say he's yummy? Haha!

More to come! Not boys though, I've had enough for this year.


Elizabeth said...

HI, i like JC De Vera too! He's so manly. He's so papa-ble! :D

chinesepomelo said...

Naks bayot! 4keeps jud! =)

mom2bradley said...

Type ko yon no. 5 at 6!!!! Yum-O!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I super adore Jude Law in The Holiday! I cried when he cried (remember that scene when Cameron was about to leave?) He was super cute there!

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