Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

It's a Tuesday but it feels like a Friday to me. I did not do much in school today since I was busy reviewing the kids for their periodical exam next week. Did I say I'm lazy to teach? I had a conversation with a co-teacher this morning and we both share the same sentiment -we are lazy to teach. Nothing has inspired me so far (or no one in particular). I need inspiration! Hahaha. But I do have a crush on someone. He's a cutie and a techie as well. I have to make up something with this computer so that I can avail of his services. Hahaha. Kidding!

I am trying to change the blog layout for my other site this afternoon and I could not come up with a fixed decision as to what layout I should be using. It's quite a complicated world for blogging and I am making it even more complicated for me. I have kinda decided to make my own blog header to make it more personalized. Whatever I can come up with, I am thrilled. But I am still lazy.

Aside from being lazy, I am in a crappy mood today so instead of whining and posting something that I will regret in the future, I think I have to stop my post now. I am hoping for a better day tomorrow. And I miss talking to G. All we do now is email and send offline messages which is crap. LOL. Enough whining already!

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