Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My pet peeve

Pet peeve

According to the ever reliable wiki, a pet peeve (or pet hate) is a minor annoyance that can instill great frustration in a very small group of people, yet is experienced by everyone. It also must be insignificant, so people insulting you is not a pet peeve. For example, if you find that elevator doors closing before you can get in annoys you, but does not annoy all the people around you, it's a pet peeve, as it meets all three criteria: insignificant, experienced by all, and only you and a few others are annoyed by it.

I usually don't care about what other people say -as long as it is not done in a text speak manner. Don't you hate it when you're chatting with someone, the person you're chatting with types the words in a text speak manner? Say for example, I chatted with my niece earlier and she's asking me to teach her how to open the folder of her newly bought MP5 in the computer. She said:

Niece: diba cnaksak kuna ang mp5 tapoz gi click kouh ung send to tapoz ang gi click kouh removable disk j.
Niece: la pah pagnasaksak na ang mp5 i-open lang ang my computer....toz anouh sunod

Me: ayusin mo mag type kasi di ko maintindihan mag text speak ka
Me: chat ito hindi text

I am such a bitch ain't I? Haha! I hate it when people use text speak especially when chatting or when commenting on forums. I can deal with minor words such as "u" or "urs" but don't ever chat with me acting as if you're only texting me. That really hits my nerves. I can deal with improper grammar (because I commit some from time to time), typos (guilty as charged), and improper capitalizations. But never ever use text speak when you're dealing with me. Did I make myself clear? LOL.

So what's your pet peeve?


Anonymous said...

i totally agree on the use of text language, even when texting i still use the full spelling not resorting to short cutting then hence text speak. us filipinos, especially the younger ones or the text generation have lost touch with the proper manner of communication. no one's perfect, but then we can always strive for a little one. =) peace!

Thess said...

AKo nga kahit sa texting, i don't like shortened words, di ko maintindihan kaya whne I text, I spell the whole words.

necrophadian said...

textspeak is an atrocity.

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