Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wild Weekend


Did you have a great weekend? It's a Sunday night and I am supposed to compute the kids' grades so that I will be able to rank them for their final rankings but here I am, wandering and roaming around doing nothing. It's the weekend and it is supposed to be "ME" time but since graduation day is nearing, I am quite busy thinking. Just thinking and doing actually nothing. Oh alright, I finished the grades already but I haven't ranked them yet because I was busy doing the layouts for another photobook I'm planning to create. And I am on my way to finish line with that, yay!

Anyway, I feel glad that no one from the kids got a low score during their final exams. Their grades improved plus they know the 7 continents and the presidents of the major countries! Haha! I taught them that as part of the trivia I give them at least once a week. Although thirty percent of my pupils are still non readers, at least I can beam with pride knowing that all of them mastered the continents of the world no matter how others think of it as impractical. I should have taught them about holodomor although I think that would be so hard for them.

Well well, I have to end this entry and hit the sack now. A blessed Sunday and keep the spirit of love alive!

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