Thursday, April 9, 2009

Leaving Again

It's past 1am and I cannot sleep so here I am about to do some rants (so brace yourself).

#1. I didn't know Mandy Moore got married. Wow. I am fan but I didn't know about her tying the knot.

#2. I feel for Patrick Swayze. The guy lost so much weight because of pancreatic cancer. Let's pray for him.

#3. I like my new layout but I will still have to give my Healthyscraps site a minor makeover. Maybe after Easter I will be able to give my health + scrap site a boost in daily visitors.

#4. I now understand why there are many people clamoring about the new Entrecard paid ads scheme and I have to say that I don't like it. I think that Entrecard should create a new widget for the monetary paid ads because I like the old way of buying ads through the use of EC credits.

#5. I will travel with the twins for Koronadal City later today but I am not in the mood to travel. However, the twins are so excited about the trip because when I told them that they have to sleep early in order for the trip to push through, they slept at 7pm. So I don't have a choice. Goodluck to me.


☆Willa☆ said...

travelling with two kids in tow, Goodluck indeed!!! :)

Thess said...

i agree with you on the entrecard thing.

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