Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hectic is Me

Ola! Happy Sunday!
My uncle will be celebrating his 60th birthday next Sunday and our relatives from different parts of the country will come here to celebrate his big day. This is so exciting because we don't get together that often even though we get to chat from time to time and update each other about what's going on with the clan. Well anyway, as expected I was tasked to head the games for that night and as usual, the cooking of their favorite dessert, leche flan. I will be cooking a hundred trays of leche flan and I will start cooking on Tuesday so good luck to me!

Our cousins from Cebu will arrive on Thursday together with our nephews and nieces, and then the Cagayan de Oro folks will arrive the day after that. Also, the elders from Luzon had arrived last week and will be attending the event of course. I don't know about the others as to what day they'll be arriving but the birthday celebration will start on the 17th and end on the 21st. Isn't it obvious that we're clanish? hahaha. I will definitely post some photos of the reunion and hopefully, will be able to update more. :)


Bubbly Ideas said...

gusto ko na din ng dessert.

♥Willa♥ said...

penge ng leche! lol!

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