Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finally, My First Makeup Tools

Remember my Letter to Santa? I asked for some tools but I was not given any so I just bought myself at least one. I was in the mood for ebay shopping last week and tried on buying this Korean Make Up Brushes as a start of my make-up career application. Kidding. This is just for my own pleasure. And my daughter's as well.

This recent ebay experience of mine was kind of excruciating but I rather not elaborate on the matter because I decided to let bygones be bygones.

Anyway, I am still happy with the product though I know it's not Nars or Mac. The bristles are not at par to any of the above mentioned brands but they're not bad either. I think I will just have to deal with it for now and learn a few things before I take a leap on purchasing a much better brand of makeup tools. So this is kind of exciting, I know! I will finally get to practice doing my own makeup in a convenient way. Let's see if I get better in makeup application.

Speaking of makeups, I am salivating on Mac lipsticks and when I finally decide to have one that will surely make my day. But not now. Not yet. I have a huge internet bill to pay. Haha!

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Shydub said...

Nice siya sis, next time make up tutorial na

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