Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Have the WORST Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Last November, I consulted with an OB-GYN friend Dr. Lady Jessamyn Lu-Vidal of Brokenshire Hospital in Davao City because of my irregular menstrual bleeding. To save you from the gory details, Dr. Vidal prescribed some meds for forced bleeding and asked for an ultrasound to know what’s wrong. I bought the medicines alright but I got so preoccupied that I forgot about having an ultrasound. My period became normal after that though; however I have some overly exaggerated premenstrual syndrome.

Here’s what I am experiencing: A week before my expected period, I suffer from severe muscle cramps on my upper arms and lower thighs and legs for days! I had to get a massage every time that happens and that’s quite expensive. And as if that’s not bad enough, I also get rashes and inexplicable itchiness on my skin that whenever I scratch the area, I get red blotches which is a hideous sight to behold. And to make things worse, I also get these bluish-blackish marks on my thighs.

So I have the most gruesome pre-menstrual syndrome. I hope men will get to experience such. That would be a perfect sight!

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