Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's Talk Upholstery

My cousin is venturing on a car upholstery business for almost a year now and so far, the business is doing great. I went to their shop a few weeks ago and I was pretty impressed with the leathers that they have in stock. I asked my cousin if they have plans on expanding the business or whether they are considering on venturing into a bigger scale of upholstery like making living room or bedroom sets. He just said that he does not know yet although they considering on opening up a branch in another city for expansion.

I remember scouting for living room sets last December and I was given a large book of samples. I actually aimed for a modern leather sofa that is sleek in design and innovative in structure. I have also found some great leather sectionals online which were impressive because leather is timeless. The owner of the house can be said to have an impeccable taste if his living room set “talks”. A living room set does not necessarily have to be expensive, depending on your preference, a set should always be considered as TIMELESS. Besides, we cannot all just buy a new living room set whenever we want to right?

Aside from the living room, one good home investment is a bedroom set. Obviously, that’s where we rest after a long day’s work and we deserve to relax on a comfortable and stylish bed. Modern bedroom sets are always in demand and comfort is not the only qualification in buying a bedroom set, design concept, style and innovativeness are also put into consideration.

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