Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Iiyak Mo Yan (Cry It Out)

I was down in the dumps yesterday, I could not concentrate on my job so I kept on bugging my co-teacher to cheer me up. Madness. There was one point when I was calling my BFF because I was about to lose my mind. And well, everyone said only one thing and that is for me to cry it out.

I had a hard time crying for some reason that I could not explain myself. But last night, finally, I was able to belt it all out. The kids are asleep and I was about to sleep when buckets of tears fell. It was a good feeling. Better than what I felt the whole day. I cried. For ten minutes or so, I just bawled. And I still think that it was great.

I am okay now, I'm back on my knees. Ms. Goody Teacher is once again inspired to teach. I think I handled the dilemma with grace and poise. I am still bugging my co-teacher but not as often as yesterday. And I can now smile. I have to work on some things worthy of my time.

For my lurkers, click this sentence to know what happened to me yesterday.

I noticed that I am getting quite a number of new "regulars" who read my blog. It's flattering really, and thanks. For the haters who read my misfortunes, may the good Lord bless you. For my relatives who visit, thanks. And whatever you read here, don't tell my mom. Hahaha. For my new found friends, old friends, old lurkers, thanks for the traffic and care. Hehe.

Now let's get 2009 rolling!


mom2bradley said...

Mars: I'm gonna go call your mom and rat on you!

Thess said...

hmmm, ok, i read your other blog and I'm still lost, what are you exactly moving forward from? Was it a recent happening or long time ago, sorry, alam ko, nakiki-tsismis lang ako pero, concern din.

But ok lang din if you don't want to say anything kung sobran personal. pray na lang kita.

Hang in there, girl, you'll be alright.

Suzanne said...

Don't worry, I won't tell Tita Lina! Haha!

Happy new year, girl!! Miss you!!

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